Technology evolves all the time and is being developed everywhere in a ubiquitous nature. We believe every person / entity have the right to have quality software in affordable budget. Digitalization is not a luxury element; it is part of our lives and should be feasibly attained.

Our Services

Digital Consultation

We provide you with the state-of-the-art strategy and guidance about automation and how to use technology for your benefit without much hassle or a lot of logistics. Practical digitalization to the point where you spend on what matters. A deliverable would be a digital strategy living document that can guide your organization to be up against security threats and utilize the advancements of technology.

Software Development

From requirement analysis till implementation and deployment into production is our goal and depends on your needs.  We have expertise in Backend, Frontend for websites, APIs, Mobile App development, Content Management Systems, Chatbots, and AI.

Research & Development

We engage ourselves in a continuous learning improvement cycle by attending and speaking in Tech conferences and exhibitions. Thus, we can investigate your thought and provide you with SWOT analysis according to latest practices in Tech.

Vendor Evaluation

If you would like to select a Software Vendor for a specific solution among many vendors, we help you to find the right partner through deep technical and functional evaluation.

Ideation and ventures

We discuss your idea from Business and Tech perspective and if we believe in it as you are, we definitely would help you to implement it by our professional outsourced team.

Our Methodology

We believe this way leads to maintain good quality while keeping project costs fair.

We understand the requirements from the functional perspective in face-to-face way and put ourselves in the shoes of our customer.

We outsource the implementation to our nearshore experienced specialized teams in a close collaboration, peer review and tracking milestones. 

We design/prototype and architect the project up to the cutting edge standards here in Germany in an agile way till we get the initial agreement that it meets customer needs.

We strive to have good estimation to meet deadlines and even being ahead of schedule.Based on our contract, we look for after-sale (after-delivery support).

Our focus

Domains of Interest

Emerging Technologies within Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing (e.g. IoT, eCommerce, ERP/CRM, Blockchain, AI…)


We are open to all partnerships that would lead to mutual-benefit and win/win growth.

Call for Low Budget Apps.

If you believe you have a system that works well and serve an industry or a community and it has not got what it deserves, we help you out to spread the word about it, support it and even deploy it among our protofolio of apps.

About Us

A team of enthusiastic professionals who lived the diversity in Tech and Business around the globe and within industries and aiming at changing positively how Digital Services would be delivered.

Our Philosophy

Even we are a business company that looks for revenue but we are devoted to maintain last-longing relationship with our customers and partners that we apply Care and Win/Win principles.

Our Vision

Be a leading firm with our digital services and products. To be Your partner for digitalization where your trust is on its place, less logistics, good quality and affordable budget.

Our Mission

To deliver innovative digital solutions in low cost and sustainable quality fast; incubating talents and ideas through providing services and products.

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